With this App you get the full Space Riders experience: access to the Space Rider video segments, a retro arcade fighting game, become a member of the Space Riders, Brain Scan your friends and family, and experience what it’s like to interact with the series’ most ridiculous character, The Chair!

Inspired by utterly fictional events, Space Riders: Division Earth is the story of two out-of-shape nobodies who accidentally become Earth’s heroes.

When intergalactic supervillain Orson Ooze escapes from space jail, the Galactic Ministry looks for Earth’s two finest heroes to protect their planet. Unfortunately, an outdated home address leads them to the apartment of Ken and Philip – two very un-heroic guys. The Ministry officials attempt to undo their mistake, but it’s too late. Orson Ooze assumes Ken and Philip are the ones he must defeat to destroy Earth.

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Bloopers and Outtakes from the comedy series SPACE RIDERS: DIVISION EARTH

An interview with Space Riders costume designer Hanna Puley and a look behind-the-scenes.

An interview with Amy Matysio, who plays Penny on Space Riders, and a look behind-the-scenes.

An interview with creators Mark Little and Dan Beirne about collaborating on Space Riders: Division Earth.

Space Riders creators Dan Beirne and Mark Little discuss writing for actors.

An interview with Space Riders actress Kayla Lorette (Orson Ooze) and a look behind-the-scenes.

An interview with Space Riders director Jordan Canning and a look behind-the-scenes.

Orson Ooze takes over Earth’s TV signal with a Moon Monster cameo.