Commander Stern


A commander in the Galactic Ministry, Stern has the pesky task of having Earth in his jurisdiction and is responsible for its Space Rider Division when necessary. He’s a kindly man, a bit bored with his job, but do NOT cross him. Seriously, don’t.


Eugene Clark received the Gemini Award for Best Supporting Actor in the TV series Night Heat. His film and television credits include Land of the Dead, Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, The Firm, Lost Girl, Listener, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, The Line and Tek War, and he has appeared on stage starring as Mufasa in Disney’s The Lion King (Toronto) and Horse in The Full Monty (Charlottetown Festival). He composed Letter From a Concerned Citizen (Starvation in Africa), which the Canadian Red Cross used to raise funds for relief efforts in Africa. He has also released three albums of music: Love Letters (R&B), How Great Thou Art and Y Jam (Gospel).